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Mother Baby Bonding

Postpartum Support

The role of a postpartum doula is to provide nurturing guidance to the new or growing family.  I provide  non-intrusive physical, emotional, and educational support according to the needs of the family.  I will act as a quiet presence in the home, offering non-judgmental encouragement throughout the transition once the baby has arrived.

Notice:  I am temporarily taking some time away from postpartum doula support to care for my own infant daughter.  Postpartum bodywork sessions are still available; see details below.


Traditionally, the postpartum period was a "nesting period"when a new mother was attended to and taken care of by other women, so that the new mom could focus on the vital tasks of postpartum recovery, emotional adjustment, and getting to know her precious little one. Today, few families have such support, and frequently become overwhelmed by the immense adjustment to parenthood.  My goal is to gently guide and support families through this transition so that they may get off to a great start with their new baby.

Every family is unique, with their own unique needs at any given time.  The following are some examples of ways I may support you as you adjust to life with a new baby.

Nursing Newborn
  • Guidance and instruction on basic breastfeeding

  • Help with breastfeeding issues, such as shallow latch

  • Provide comfort measures for painful breasts and nipples

  • Guidance on positioning

  • Teaching to recognize hunger cues to promote successful breastfeeding

  • Bottle positioning and baby holding techniques

  • Burping and gas relief

  • Teaching recognition of infant cues and communications

  • Encouragement for skin-to-skin contact to provide closeness with new baby

Holding Hands
  • Offer a listening ear to hear about your birth experience

  • Accompany new mom on first outing with baby, as this can be overwhelming

  • Organize comfortable environment to promote rest and recovery

  • Provide comfort measures for moms recovering from cesarean birth

  • Encourage recovery by providing nutritious snacks and drinks for mom

  • Help to minimize household responsibilities to promote mother's rest

  • Holding and caring for your baby while you take the time you need to care for your own needs


Each visit is $25/hour with a minimum of 2 hours per visit

Woman Holding Coffee Cup
  • Guidance in basic baby care including baths, diapering, burping, umbilical care, and swaddling

  • Infant massage instruction

  • TummyTime!™ instruction to assist with feeding, elimination, sleep, self-regulation, and bonding

  • Advice on nursery organization

  • Help with baby wearing (slings, carriers)

  • Provide ideas for partner and other family members to bond with baby

  • Help with baby wearing (slings, carriers)

Image by Filip Mroz
Reiki Treatment

Postpartum Massage

The postpartum period has the potential to be a time of profound healing within the body.  My postpartum sessions include gentle abdominal massage, a healing castor oil pack, and soothing holds to promote restoration and balance in the body.  For mothers up to 12 months postpartum.

These sessions can be held in our healing clinic space, or in the comfort of your own home.  Contact Kari to schedule an in-home session.

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