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Positive Birth Terms

I have gone all-in on using only positive birth language.

It seems reasonable to suppose that our minds might be open to the subtle differences in meaning, implied with word choice. I would prefer to skew the lens in the direction of the positive, rather than the negative. Why not send subtle messages that imply comfort and safety?

The following is a list of substitutions for phrases commonly used surrounding pregnancy and childbirth. Much of this list was inspired by Hypnobirthing and Hypnobabies language suggestions, as well as examples from previous clients.


Term - New Suggestion

Contraction/Pain - Wave or Surge, Expansion

Labor - Birthing Time

Due Date - Guess Date, Birthing Time/Month

Pain - Discomfort/Pressure/Sensation/Tightening

Water Breaking/Rupture - Membranes Release

Bloody Show - Birth Show

Birth Canal - Birth Path

Pushing - Birth Breath (Breathing Down)

Complications - Special Circumstances

Transition - Near Completion, Transformation

Effacing/Dilating - Thinning/Opening

Fetus - Baby

False Labor/Braxton-Hicks - Practice Labor/Pre-Labor

Clients/Patients - Parents, Partners, Moms, Dads

Ring of Fire - Powerful Stretching, Pressure Sensations

Stalled Labor - Resting Labor

Delivery/Deliver - Birthing/Birth


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