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How is a doula different from my partner or care provider?

A doula works with your support team (including your partner and care provider) to ensure that you get knowledgeable, continuous support. It may be helpful for your support team to be reminded of ways to comfort you, or instructed on specific techniques that are particular to your labor pattern and physical sensations. Your support team may also want comforted themselves or be reminded of what they learned in previous childbirth education.

When is the best time to receive a fertility massage?

Although you may receive benefits from fertility massage at any point in your cycle, the most ideal time to receive these sessions is between menstruation and ovulation.

What does it look like to utilize virtual support?

Virtual doula support will include prenatal consultations held via video chat.  Your doula will still be available to answer any questions via phone, text, or email. For your birth, you may choose to use a video meeting platform or phone calls/texts to connect with your doula.  She can offer comfort measures and laboring techniques that you previously rehearsed and discussed.

Is it safe to receive a massage during labor?

Yes!  Evidence shows that massage can be beneficial for pain reduction and relaxation when utilized during labor, especially during early labor.  Contact me about my on-call availability to provide early labor massage for your birth.

Is it safe to receive a pregnancy massage during my first trimester?

Typically yes, but every individual is different. This is a personal decision. The relaxation benefits of first trimester massage are many, and the massage that I provide during this time frame is extremely gentle and modified for safety. However, women with a history of miscarriage or pregnancy complications may want to steer clear of bodywork until they've reached the second trimester.  

How soon after giving birth can I receive a postpartum massage?

After a vaginal birth, you can receive a massage as soon as you'd like.  Anecdotally, my clients generally prefer to get a massage within their first month postpartum.  After a cesarean birth, it is advisable to wait 4-6 weeks for a full body massage, however, shorter or area-specific sessions may be appropriate sooner, given an okay from your care provider.  

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